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The Body Home - Wellbeing

An intro to the second of the 3 Homes - the Body. Let's think about wellbeing - physical, mental, emotional

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Hello Again Darling,

We started asking a few big questions last time about one of our Homes, the Mind. In that section we will look at ideas like identity, growing as an individual, self-actualization, choices and mindset. Today, I’d like to introduce another of the Three Homes - the Body.

Most obviously ideas about physical wellbeing will be in the Body section. But, for this section, I’d also like to focus on wellness generally, which means many topics will be part of both the Body and the Mind.

For a moment, let’s think of the brain insofar as it is an organ of the body. The brain and the rest of the body are very and literally connected. Given this connectedness and the fact that the brain is a tangible part of the body, I’d like to put emotional and mental wellbeing into the Home of the Body, as well as adding it the Mind section as that applies. (For some other introductory thoughts on this concept of brain health as mind health, check out Wired’s Brain Support with Dr Amen - not affiliated)

In some ways, I think we’ve been trained to think of the health of the brain as exclusive to the Mind, but if you think about how low blood sugar, stress or hormones can affect your thoughts and mood, I think it will make a sort of sense why there’s going to be some overlap and some topics covered the Body Home will also be associated with the Mind Home.

Two women sitting back-to-back. Both in white shirts and jeans. The woman on the left is white with strawberry blonde hair, the worman on the left is black with natural hair in an updo. Both have their eyes closed.

Physical Wellbeing

I have always been fascinated with human biology - from biochemistry to genetics to cellular biology to anatomy and physiology. Biology was my major in university, though in retrospect, I took the courses because I had a deep interest in the subject matter, not because I was necessarily intending on going into a career in science. It was the equivalent of a philosophy degree - I took it because I loved it and was likely going to end up teaching it.

My love of human physiology continues to this day and I love exploring how it impacts and is impacted by our everyday lives - food, movement, senses, hormones, pleasure, pain, illness and everything that makes up the physical experience. And how many parts of the physical experience are unique to each person - the way we experience the world in our bodies is not universal. 

The way we experience the world in our bodies is not universal

Some of the uniqueness of our experience might be easy to spot and some of it may be invisible. Some of it may not make much of a difference one person to the next and some of it is deeply distinct. For example, I’m fairly tall. This makes my experience in life different for someone who is shorter than me, but not necessarily in extremely impactful ways (except when it comes to leg room or reaching things high on a shelf). 

Another minor example on the invisible side is that I love cilantro. For some people though, it tastes like soap due to a genetic quirk. It is a physical attribute - at a genetic level- that allows me to like it and causes others to hate it. From looking at me though, you can’t tell (unless, of course, I’m eating a tasty dish with cilantro in/on it).

I also have a chronic illness which causes me daily and ongoing complications (sometimes the complication might be pain, sometimes it might be side effects of medication that is meant to help manage the pain).  From an initial observation, you would not know this about me. There is nothing to indicate that I struggle everyday with a disease. And such is the case with many diseases and disabilities - some are visible, some are not - but they have far reach impacts on our physical lives.

For all of us, in our phsyical bodies, there are some basics that need to be in place to take care of our Body Home - they just may take on different variations based on our needs and our preferences: nutrition, movement, skincare, sleep, managing illness and injury, pleasure, hormones, and stress management.

A pink, line-drawn heart is in the top corner of the image. On a dark teal background is a white speech bubble with a large quotation mark at the top. Text underneath reads "For all of us, there are some basics that need to be in place to take care of our bodies - they just may take on different variations based on our needs and our preferences: nutrition, movement, skincare, sleep, managing illness and injury, pleasure, hormones and stress management. ~ Hustle Darling"

Another facet I think that overlaps, into both Body and Mind, is body image. There are some wonderful people working to help with this part of our identity and I’d like to share some thoughts here on the Hustle Darling blog too.

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

As mentioned, we’ll have some conversations over here in the Body section about emotional and mental wellbeing. Stress, happiness, social media - these all fall under the Body from a biochemical perspective. Hormones (we’re not just talking sex hormones - adrenaline and cortisol are stress hormones, and there are others that play many roles) and neurotransmitters play a big part in our emotional and mental states. When we talk about the physical basis for some issues about emotions and mental health, you’ll find the topics in both the "Body" and the "Mind" sections. 

It is important to bear in mind that the brain is an organ just like any other. Sometimes mental health is biological/biochemical, sometimes it's not and sometimes it’s just part of a larger picture. We’ll check in on all of the above. So you can expect topics like overwhelm, balance, stress management, happiness and habits to all be part of this section. Topics that overlap with the Mind will be able to be found in that category as well :)

These conversations are never a one-size-fits-all. There are going to be parts that are more relevant than others. And I will definitely not just be relying on my own ideas here. You can expect to see lots of professionals and others share their thoughts and stories here. And just like the topics on physical wellbeing, there are going to be variations on what works for each person, so I will strive to be as inclusive as possible. Mental and emotional health are too important for you not to find the self-care remedies, coping mechanisms and treatments that are right for you. 

So, in that spirit let me leave you with this image that I’ve always found kind of cute, and is also a sticker (image linked - not affiliated):

On a blue background is an illustrated prescription pill bottle and several loose pills. In text it reads “If you can’t make your own neurotransmitters store bought is fine”

Wiht love, Jess

A Thought for Your Thoughts:

Take 2 Minutes - Follow

A few Instagram account to check out from women also exploring wellbeing topics:

Abby Langer RD - https://www.instagram.com/langernutrition/ 

Sara Kuburic - https://www.instagram.com/millennial.therapist/

Tamara Mena - https://www.instagram.com/tamaramenaofficial/

Megan Jayne Crabb - https://www.instagram.com/meganjaynecrabbe/

Lisa Bilyeu - https://www.instagram.com/lisabilyeu/

Take 5 Minutes - Shop

Check out the Hustle Darling merch store! We’re trying to be as size inclusive as possible in a dropshipping world :) All bodies are good bodies! We’ve got some fun prints to help contribute to a wardrobe that makes you feel great in your body.

Take Some Time - Podcast & Book Recommendation

I could not make this recommendation fast enough - of all the people to check out and follow for some real talk - it’s Jameela Jamil! She is speaking out on body image, diets, human rights, gaslighting and other very relevant topics to today. 

Thumbnail for I Weigh podcast with Jameela Jamil

On her podcast, I Weigh, Jameela interviews other celebrities about topics surrounding physical and mental wellbeing. It is thoughtful and funny. A great episode to start with would be her chat with Reese Witherspoon. (Explicit language used, not affiliated)

You can also check out her insta account (especially check out her reel on Gaslighting - it will change how you look at women in the media!) https://www.instagram.com/jameelajamilofficial/  

And/or, if you’re into neuroscience like me, you can get your nerd on with this book “How Emotions are Made” by Lisa Felman Barrett, PhD (find a copy here - affiliate link)

Note: “A thought for your thoughts” is going to be a section added to the end of each blog to give you some ideas on how to bring these words/thoughts to life for yourself. You know yourself better than anyone, so not every suggestion will be for you - that’s ok, it might give you some inspiration though, or help you to try something new. 

And because we all have different time pressures, I’ll try to give you something that will take 2 minutes, 5 minutes or some more time. Everyone has two minutes to give a little action and intention to improving their Three Homes. You probably will have five minutes most days too. And, for a deeper dive, I’ll give some additional resources, like a book recommendation or activity that will allow you to dedicate yourself to moving forward, if you are so inspired. 

(Also, the title of the section is fun nod to one of my favorite shows - Parks & Rec)