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Welcome to the Hustle Darling Blog!

Hello Darling, welcome to the Hustle Darling blog! Let me introduce you to this community and what we'll be exploring here together

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Oh hello there & welcome!

It’s Jess here, from Hustle Darling. It’s been over a year-long journey to be coming to you here on the Hustle Darling blog - a rollercoaster of events and emotions and, even now, it is busy and calm, exciting and anxiety-inducing.

Life continues and now it includes this wondrous opportunity to come to you here!

What is this blog thing going to be about?

Before more of an introduction to Hustle Darling, I’d like to introduce this blog. As I was collecting information and topics for the content that would live here, I came across an image that I found quite profound and striking and simple. The more I looked at it, the more it became a wonderful way to structure the various thoughts I wanted to cover.

A green square with text on the top that reads “Your 3 Homes”. There are three illustrations underneath - a torso representing the body, the earth and a head with a lightbulb that represents the mind. It reads “Take proper care of them” underneath the images. The author is @np.illustrates

You can now follow the illustrator here: @nicolaparfitt

We live in three places all the time - 24/7/365 - in our Bodies, in the World and in our Minds. My hope is that together we can help make them nicer places to live. As the author indicates, we need to “take proper care of them”. Life is increasingly complex and self-care is becoming more important than ever, so I’d like to help add to these conversations and use these three areas - the Body, the World and the Mind - to explore them. More specifically, we’re going to try to unpack, discuss, and mull on many different topics - everything from self-worth to skincare, gaslighting to gastrointestinal health, houseplants to hormones.

Hustle Darling

Hustle Darling has come to represent a huge spectrum of themes, values and ideas. What started as a relatively small idea - born out of one of those rummaging around in a wardrobe full of clothing thinking “I have nothing to wear, I should design clothes I would want to wear” moments- and has become much, much bigger.

Because it wasn’t just my wardrobe that needed refreshing - on my journey of developing fun, fresh, exciting, sustainable clothes that I would want to wear, I realized that women need more than just other wardrobe options. Women need the support of a community of like-minded ladies, and to have regular uplifting, inspiring and empowering content around personal development, wellness, environmentalism, social change and more. “Hustle” and “Darling” were words chosen very specifically (though, if I do say so myself, it’s a pretty fun name). “Hustle” represents strength and determination, and “Darling” represents compassion and understanding. Two sides of the same coin that I want to nurture here.

I hope you will also enjoy the way Hustle Darling clothes look and that they will help you feel amazing - but it’s not clothes that will change the world, it’s the women who wear them that will. So Hustle Darling and especially the conversations we have on this blog together - wrestling on how to balance our “hustle” and our “darling” to make our lives better and the world a better place to live too.

Clothes won't change the world, but the women who wear them will...

The Hustle Darling Community

Now, at the beginning, is an important time to make a few distinctions. When I say “women” - I mean all self-identifying women and gender non-conforming individuals can be part of this community. Gender is an important part of identity and all identities are welcome!

And though I am writing from a cis, white, hetro, neurotypical and able-bodied perspective, it is my intention to be as inclusive as possible. The Hustle Darling Community is for all women - women of all gender-identities, women of all colors, women of all levels of ability/disability. Not only will I try to be an inclusive voice myself, I will invite lots of women to share their stories, experiences, perspectives even (and maybe especially) if they are different to mine. Because inclusion isn’t just about facets of identity, it’s about a space where everyone can be heard and respected for their views, opinions and ability to contribute to the conversation.

We rise together. So we will speak together, listen together, and share together in the myriad of versions of what it means to be a “woman”. And we will take care of our three homes together - uplifting, inspiring and empowering each other in our individual and collective journey of taking care of our Bodies, Minds and World.

Stick around, it's bound to be an interesting ride

So, at the beginning of what is bound to be an interesting ride, I invite you to be part of the Hustle Darling Community. Join myself and other women in exploring more and more about what it means to take care of yourself as an individual - your Body, your Mind, your World - and join the conversation about how we can take care of each other - our Bodies, our Minds and our World.

Let’s Hustle Darling, together.

With love, Jess