3 Homes

The World Home - Places & Spaces

We not only live within our own Mind and Body - the third Home is the World. Any external forces - like your personal spaces all the way up to the global environment and societal structures

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Hey Darling,

It’s time to go three for three on taking an overarching look at our Three Homes - the World. Like the Body, I think we can break this out into two big chunks: our personal environments and the global issues. 

Taking care of the space and places we are in day-to-day and our planet are important to acknowledge in our personal journeys.  Our Minds and Bodies are always with us and are a lot better at giving us immediate signals that they have needs - but our external environments definitely need attention too! Our Minds and Bodies aren’t really optional, so the physical spaces they occupy should be given optional status either.

Personal Environments (Home, Work, Neighborhood)

Your personal environments may not have been top of mind when “the World” came up as one of the Three Homes. But these are extremely important spaces and places that are deeply interconnected with the Mind and the Body. Your direct surroundings play a huge role in your wellbeing.

Your direct surroundings play a huge role in your wellbeing.

Our individual homes, workplaces and neighborhoods can be improved in lots of ways - many of them relatively small, but in ways that have a big impact. Sometimes we just need to bring a little attention to the improvements that take a little investment but will go a long way to improving quality of life. 

Photo of a tidy white desk with a notebook, yellow mug, laptop and flowers in a wicker basket on top.

Some subjects we’ll touch on when we think about our personal environments are clutter, quality of air and light, color, ergonomics, aromatherapy and even relationships. You can probably tell how some of these topics overlap with the other Homes, and I’m excited to unpack with you how these reciprocal areas of growth will make your life better, as your Three Homes become nicer places to live.

The Earth & Society

The more global scale of environmental and social issues are likely what you expected to be covered in this section - and you were right! There is a lot that needs to be done on an individual level through our choices to help ensure our planet Home and its fellow inhabitants are taken care of. 

Photo of a woman on a beach holding litter she has collected.

We will be looking at how to improve our Home, the World, through a lens of environmentalism and we are also going to look at it as broader society as well.

As a human being on this planet, we are deeply interconnected with the other humans who share this Home. And issues of global magnitude are not isolated from each other. Intersectionality is going to be important to the framework we use to explore injustices - both social and environmental. The term “intersectionality” was originally coined by Kimberle Crenshaw - an American lawyer and professor (and complete badass) - more about her here.  

... intersectionality acknowledges that global issues are about the plant and people, and they cannot be dealt with in isolation.

Much like how we are including personal places and spaces as impactful to our Minds and Bodies, intersectionality acknowledges that global issues are about the planet and people, and they cannot be dealt with in isolation. There is overlap and a deep interconnectedness to systems of discrimination and disadvantage. And some areas and people groups are disproportionately affected by various issues. Injustices cannot be dealt with as individual issues, intersectionality helps us look at both social justice issues for people as well as environmentalism together. Engaging in the problems facing society makes the World a better place to live for you, me and everyone else, even if (and maybe especially) when certain problems don’t affect us directly.  I’m here to join the rumble and I hope you are too.

With love, Jess

A Thought for Your Thoughts:

Take 2 Minutes - Follow

Start following Insta accounts like Intersectional Environmentalist (IE) https://www.instagram.com/intersectionalenvironmentalist/ 

This will give you something each day to engage with on your feed to educate yourself, join conversations, give you opportunities to identify ways to engage with issues that are yours and your fellow humans’.

Take 5 Minutes - Take Action

Declutter! Take 5 minutes to tidy up the area you are in. Just 5 minutes and you’ll notice a difference - put on your favorite playlist and just two songs worth of tidying will give you a lift.

If you need quick access to a playlist? Check out the Hustle Darling mix on Spotify :) We’re adding songs all the time. If we’re missing your favorite bop or banger that would help uplift, inspire and/or empower the HD community, let us know!

Take Some Time - Take Action

Not everyone is in a position to contribute financially to issues facing the world, but if you are, take a look at local NFPs/charities in your area that could use some support. I encourage you to do your due diligence on looking at the organizations, especially look for their transparency about how much of your donation actually goes to helping (not just administration, marketing, etc)

Or consider volunteering to do some community clean up, or help with a community garden, or donate a few food goods to the food bank.

Take some time to do some research yourself and find a way to support causes that you are passionate about :)

Note: “A thought for your thoughts” is going to be a section added to the end of each blog to give you some ideas on how to bring these words/thoughts to life for yourself. You know yourself better than anyone, so not every suggestion will be for you - that’s ok, it might give you some inspiration though, or help you to try something new. 

And because we all have different time pressures, I’ll try to give you something that will take 2 minutes, 5 minutes or some more time. Everyone has two minutes to give a little action and intention to improving their Three Homes. You probably will have five minutes most days too. And, for a deeper dive, I’ll give some additional resources, like a book recommendation or activity that will allow you to dedicate yourself to moving forward, if you are so inspired. 

(Also, the title of the section is fun nod to one of my favorite shows - Parks & Rec)